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Brief introduction:

Arcadia was set up with the specific purpose of forming a bridge between the overseas and Chinese pharmaceutical company..

For a foreign people, Chinese pharmaceutical market is uneven and it is difficult to distinguish. In China, hundreds and thousands of API as well as formulation manufacturers plus uncountable number of traders. There is, thus, a need for a company, which understands the world's pharmaceutical markets as well as the intricacies of operation in China. In this case, Arcadia fulfills fully this need.

We offers diversified services ranging from intermediates, natural ingredients to API sourcing and manufacturing including custom synthesis, product pipeline strategically screen and product outsourcing. We can handle quantity from milligrams to multi-tons. We have established long-term relations with various international professional traders/suppliers for many products by way of spot transaction, agency dealing, contracted production, and co-developing which have been achieved through our extensive network in China and the diverse background of our founders and team.

We aim to be the leader in the market by providing high quality products and services to our customers. We pursue excellence in all that we undertake and take steps to improve ourselves continuously. And through the innovative application of our knowledge and our infrastructure, we welcome you to cooperate with us and grow together responsibly.

Note: Patent products will be for R&D use only, no commercial arrangement is listed, to protect the owner's IP.

Team: Our senior management team is composed with PhDs and MBAs. Prior to joining Arcadia, they all have over 10 years of experiences working in major international pharmaceutical, biotechnological companies, and gained rich experiences in drug discovery and R&D as well as international business practices. They are capable of having insights in pharmaceutical industry and global visions to help the company achieving fast development.
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