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Custom Synthesis and Process Research
Arcadia offers services to address broad customer needs. We provide most rational and economical way to synthesize small organic molecules. We may choose reactions done in single vessel or in parallel reactors; we may perform chemistry in solution or on solid. We do gram-scale chemistry but also provide large scale synthesis.
Here are some examples:
• Research pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical intermediates
• Reference standards and internal standards
• Impurity and metabolites
• Customized Synthesis of Small Molecules (<1kg)
• Develop Alternative Synthesis Route
• Pilot Batch Manufacturing (Kg Scale)
• Commercial Manufacturing (from Kg to Tonnage)
• Study on API Stability as per ICH Guidance
• Particle Size Reduction and Micronization
• Crystal Form Selection and Optimization
We also work on Contract Research and Full-time equivalent based projects. Please contact us for free price evaluations.

Process Development
Customers often have a short list of compounds to choose for further development. The desired quantities may vary but are often at range of 10 kg to 100 kg. This may be a real challenge for normal synthetic labs to face, but Arcadia can help.

We have access to facilities that can smoothly interface pilot runs to commercial batch production. Most importantly, Arcadia's engineers have extensive experiences for “small-to-big” transformation. Our seasoned technical group made up of PhD-level organic chemists supervises contract service operations in our research laboratories, kilo labs, and pilot plants.

Commercial batch production procedures have been developed for manufacture of poly-substituted pyridines, aza-pyridinones and other heterocycles with or without stereogenic centers.

For a given project, we study suitability of hardware as well as other crucial factors such as:
• Temperature • Order of addition
• Stir rate/Mixing
• Thermo-stability/Thermo-hazard
• Reagent toxicity
• Purification
• Telescoping possibility
• Handling issues such as separation, isolation, filtration, solvent recycling, product drying, waste disposal, etc.
Based on preliminary runs, we also factor in the cost of raw materials and reaction robustness to fully evaluate the probability of success for a given synthetic route.

Contact us to discuss your projects and find possible solutions.
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