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Arcadia has a unique perspective of the regulated world due to its intimate understanding of China with respect to the regulated markets of the US, Europe and Australia. We are a bridge which connects China to the regulated world. Our understanding of product development, ICH guidelines and regulatory environment coupled with our knowledge of the chinese way of doing things gives us a unique perspective which translates into increased productivity and speedy product development and delivery.

The specific areas covered by us under this category include:
Market Research: We undertake extensive research according to the needs of the clients. This shall include mapping specific API suppliers, due technical diligence including information on current routes of synthesis for a specific product, calculating the cost of raw materials and different intermediates to balance the project in a cost effective way. A thorough knowledge of the workings of the chinese industry allows us to serve our clients entirety.

Product Pipeline development & management:
Arcadia's experience and perspective enables it to give unique insights into developing a product pipeline for its clients. We provide alternative strategies in product selection and also advise clients on specific product opportunities. Our networks both inside and outside of China help us in delivering products right to our customers' doorstep.

Business Plan Development:
Arcadia is capable of developing the entire business plan for a generic player which can encompass development, sourcing and commercial delivery of products with the sales and marketing inputs brought in by the client.

GMP and regulatory support for DMF and inspections:
Arcadia can help identified manufacturers to file DMFs and face regulatory inspections on behalf of its clients. We have an intimate understanding of the regulatory gaps that most small manufacturers have and can thus be an invaluable support in this regard.
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